Bendgate Put to the Test with a BMW 5 Series

With the launch of the new iPhone 6 rumors about its flaws quickly started going around. All of this was expected, however, judging on the way things unfolded during the launch of the previous models. A little drama was expected.
BMW E60 5 Series vs iPhone 6 Plus 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
And since there’s a new model out there now, aiming to please those that need to carry around TV screens in their pockets, you can bet your house that someone will be picking on it size and the possible issues that will come with it. One of them is rather obvious too.

As it was the case with all big-screen phones, someone at one point will claim that it will will eventually bend beyond repair and you’ll end up with a useless piece of junk instead of a phone. That’s what happened with the iPhone 6 Plus too.

After one video purportedly showing the phone bending out of shape was published on Youtube, the world went crazy, everyone wondering if it was true or not.

Apple confirms cases of bent iPhones

Apple itself confirmed that during the first week of sales, a number of 9 such phones were returned. So, there is an issue at hand here but is it so serious that it cannot be ignored or were those cases just exceptions?

According to Consumer Reports, it’s true that the new iPhone breaks easier than other models but it’s well within the average of its class so there’s no reason to dismiss it just yet. However, since we are writing about the automotive industry on the regular, how will it fare against a car?

The guys from TechRax put the new iPhone 6 Plus to the test against a BMW E60 5 Series. What exactly did they do? They simply drove the car over it, just to see what happens. The result surprised us just as much as it will surprise you.

A BMW E60 5 Series weighs at least 1 and a half tons and that’s a lot more pressure than was was applied to the phone in the original #bendgate video. Sure, the tires will absorb some of the pressure and the phone is placed on a completely straight floor but still, there’s plenty of weight applied to it, weight that would otherwise crush a man’s leg or other things. Even so, the Apple product escapes the challenge basically unscathed. Check it out!

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