Being Overtaken on the Autobahn Isn’t Something Special, Until You See This

Anyone who’s ever driven on the unrestricted sections of the Autobahn knows that you spend most of your time watching the rearview mirrors, careful not to miss whatever’s going to fly by you next.
Tractor overtaking on Autobahn 1 photo
That’s the easiest way to spot a supercar in its natural habitat, doing about 180 mph and not giving a rat’s ass about fuel consumption. You see, gas stations are easy to come by on the German highways, and you’re always told how far the next one is, so running out of fuel is out of the question.

This would explain why the guy in the clip below had his camera ready as the spotted vehicle was starting to gain on him. It doesn’t explain why his focus was all over the place, but we’re willing to let that one slip because he makes up for it in the end. Besides, the out of focus image is a good way to build up suspense.

As the later part of the clip shows, the cameraman was doing close to 100 km/h (that’s 62 mph), but we can’t tell whether there was a speed limit enforced in that sector or he was just taking his time. Since he seems to be driving some sort of a van, that’s understandable. Regardless, if we learned anything during the physics classes is that the vehicle overtaking him was going faster. Significantly so.

It’s weird enough to get overtaken by a tractor when doing 62 mph, but one pulling a camper trailer is enough to make you pinch yourself or pull over at the next stop and throw some cold water on your face. It’s a known fact that people who enjoy camper trailers are weird, but this is too much even for them.

The tractor seems to have been put through a very careful tuning program, with lowered suspensions and plenty of attempts at salvaging whatever was possible out of the limited aerodynamics it came with. It even makes an interesting sound, so don’t be surprised if there was an engine swap involved as well, but that’s just speculation. However, changing its engine and transmission would make a lot more sense than trying to modify the original ones from ploughing fields to devouring asphalt.

Watch the weirdness unfold here:


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