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Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time but Taking the Right Actions

There’s this rule of urban driving some people learn the hard way that says a) you should always leave enough space to the car in front for maneuvering and b) scan the rearview mirror in case somebody’s brakes don’t work and, in case it happens, make good use of that room you saved in front of you.
Accident with runaway truck 1 photo
This is one of those situations where either very careful driving or simply providence saved the driver of this car from anything that could have ranged from serious injuries to death or at least a hefty repair bill.

Stopped at an intersection and waiting for his turn to continue his commute, this driver notices something happening behind him. Without lingering too much on what his next move should be, he moves forward and to his right, getting his car out of harm’s way. Or so he thought.

On the opposite lane, a white BMW 1 Series tries to do the same, but it’s too late for it. The driver should have reversed the hell out of there or... you know, he should’ve just stayed at home that day. Well, he didn’t, so now he’s got a totaled car and probably a grumpy mood, to say the least.

The driver filming all this, on the other hand, is a lot luckier than that. Not only does he escape that loose behemoth that mopped everything in its way but he also managed to narrowly dodge the electric pole that fell after the runaway truck briefly got tangled in the wires or knocked down another pole, causing a string reaction.

The aftermath looks really, really bad, with all the vehicles in the scene suffering more or less serious damage. Except for the one filming, of course, which got away unscathed. Our thoughts go with those scooters that went up on the opposite way at the beginning of the recording, right into the truck’s path.

But we do get the feeling everyone’s alright because after all seems to be over, our man decides there’s nothing for him to do there and simply turns around. This is a little infuriating, as we would have loved if he had followed the wayward truck to see the rest of the mayhem it produced.


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