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Beijing Might Require Proof of Parking Spot for New Car Purchases

Everybody knows that roads around the world just can't cope with the traffic they weren't designed to handle. Just look at any shopping mall's parking lot on a weekend and you realize that spaces designed two or three years ago are already outdated.
Beijing parking 1 photo
Traffic is also posing another huge problem. Data released recently shows that greenhouse gas emissions increased by 30% last year, which not only creates environmental problems, but also poses a serious health risk. This is particularly bad in Beijing, which is having to deal with an ever worsening air quality and smog.

The Beijing Municipal Government has already decided to limit new car sales by 40% in 2014, but even more severe measures are being considered. The proposed idea is that new car buyers will have to come up with proof that they own a parking space at their home.

More than a third of Beijing drivers currently don't have that and park their cars at the side of the road, sometimes illegally. Does that mean these folks will no longer be able to change their older cars? Is that really good for the environment? We'd like to hear your thoughts on this.


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