Behind the Scenes: BMW M235i Driftmob Commercial

We went behind the scenes of the by-now famous BMW Driftmob video before but that was only a teaser of what was in the works. Now, the guys from Drive are showing us exactly what went on while trying to get everything right in a limited amount of time and within a budget.
BMW M235i Driftmob shooting 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
The whole thing was shot in South Africa, Cape Town to be more precise. The reasons behind such a decision are pretty obvious, including the cost of closing down several roads to be able to shoot the thing. Speaking of which, you should know that getting everything on tape took two full days. That doesn’t include the practice sessions.

You might be surprised at first to hear about practice, especially when you have 5 of the best drifters and stuntmen in the world behind the wheel of these cars but they too needed time to get used to the M235is, the road they were going to perform on and the story of the video, including the tricks and maneuvers they’d have to pull.

That’s where their experience truly came in useful. Being professionals, they knew that they could count on each other not to mess things up. That, in consequence, freed their minds and allowed them to perform with more confidence.

And that was basically paramount because these 5 cars were the only ones still available for shooting. Wreck one and the whole thing would be in jeopardy. Fortunately, due to extensive parking lot practice, everything went well.

Two weeks and a lot of money later (the tires alone were $35,000) the two minutes of brilliance were on film and ready to be edited. After that part was done, the world could finally see what they worked on for such a long time. Check out the entire story in the video below.

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