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Begin Your Tiny Living Dreams With Nothing More Than a Wilhelm Kit and a Tad Over $10,500
With the ability to move to whatever landscape you wish, the allure of tiny living doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. Well, one crew that appears to be stirring up a whole lot of hubbub is Germany's Kleiner Nomade.

Begin Your Tiny Living Dreams With Nothing More Than a Wilhelm Kit and a Tad Over $10,500

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Folks, if the name Kleiner Nomade doesn't ring a bell, it's because they're rather big over in Europe and not so much in the U.S. Maybe this article can change all that. Now, much info about the crew isn't shown on their website, but Facebook states that their webpage has been around since 2017. Honestly, how long you've been on the tiny house market doesn't matter much, all it takes is one awesome unit, and the rest is history.

Well, one apparently fantastic unit is the Wilhelm. Oh, and it's so dang nice that a local business picked up a couple of these for themselves and started a unique Airbnb experience in the woods of Germany; Land of Green, they call it. But, if you've got the cash for one of these babies and shipping fees, you too could live off the land.

One of the best ways to understand how your life may change if you grab a Wilhelm is to invite you upon a journey of words. There you are, sitting in your driveway, staring at the mobile home you just purchased, wondering about all the little valleys, meadows, and mountains you're going to see. Because it offers year-round use, even snow-capped peaks aren't off-limits.

But don't rush to get there. Because this tiny home is built upon a tandem axle trailer rated up to 3.5 tons (7,716 pounds), all the speed it can take is a maximum of 80 kph (50 mph). Yes, that's it, but consider that you're moving a load that is technically oversized because of a width of 2.55 meters (8.4 feet), not to mention that it's 7.28 meters (23.9 feet) long. Sounds like you may need to bust out the big guns to tow this sucker.

Once you're all nice and connected to your truck, you can be on your way. After finally reaching your destination, the true beauty of off-grid living begins. With the unit nice and level, you take your first steps inside via the barn-style doors found on the port wall of the home. Once you're inside, the feeling of home is what you'll experience; everything you need for a simple and wholesome life is at hand.

To your left, a living room with a couch and desk are found, not to mention wooden flooring, heated, might I add. To your right, the rest of Wilhelm unfurls with an L-shaped galley setup, fit with running and heated water, fridge, cooktop, and cabinetry for goods and utensils. There's a little TV nestled above the counter too.

Moving on, you can either access the restroom found on the ground floor or head upstairs and crash in the loft bedroom. Reading lights and a window will keep you busy if the weather is unfavorable. The one feature I would have enjoyed here is a skylight; it would have been magical. All that amounts to living features for up to four people, so families are more than welcome.

Now, the images in the gallery are of the interior that awaits guests at Land of Green, and I must say, if I was to decorate my own Wilhelm, it would look a lot like what is seen here. The visible interior paneling is left untouched and bears the patterns and colors of raw wood; can you imagine the smell? Heavenly!

Finally, things also get rather interesting when you try to buy a Wilhelm. For starters, Kleiner Nomade offers a build kit that includes a chassis and framework for just €10,000 ($10,517 at current exchange rates). You'll receive no cladding, no roof, no insulation, nothing; chase those dreams. That, however, will require you to get dirty as you'll be building an entire home. Secondly, turnkey units from this manufacturer have been spotted in the €50,000 ($52,589) range, so still, pretty amazing if you ask me. That's the sort of price to end up on your list of considerations for your subsequent mobile living acquisitions.

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images of the interior of Wilhelm are from the unit found at Land of Green.


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