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Beer Becomes Petrol in New Zealand, You can Fill You Tank with Brewtroleum

Dionysus, take a good look at this thing and learn! You may be the god of the grape harvest, winemaking, and wine, but beer is the new black, we’re sorry. At least it’s the drink of choice for Kiwis, anyway. As of this month, New Zealand is also the country where people can fill up their tanks with biofuel made of yeast left over after beer is brewed.
DB Breweries are the creators of the 98 octane Brewtroleum 1 photo
Wait a second here. So you mean the more beer we drink, the more carbon emissions we save from hitting the atmosphere while driving our cars? Apparently, that seems to be the case, but let us learn more of it.

The biofuel was unveiled earlier this month at a gas station in Auckland and is named Brewtroleum. No, seriously, that’s how they name it. No worries though, it won’t be sold in just one facility. No, according to New Zealand Herald, it was unveiled at Gull Kingsland and will be traded at 60 of the company’s service stations across the North Island.

The environmental friendly fuel is made by blending ethanol – extracted from the yeast left over after beer is brewed - with regular petrol. Its main ingredient is also what possibly makes it a world premiere. According to DB Breweries, – the creators of the 98 octane Brewtroleum – it is the world’s first commercially available biofuel made from a beer by-product.

Using the waste that remains after the yellow booze is manufactured is also quite affordable considering that quite often these remains are thrown away.

An initial batch of 300,000 liters of Brewtroleum has been formulates using 30,000 liters of ethanol, which was extracted from more than 58,000 liters of leftover yeast slurry that would otherwise be distributed as stock feed, or discarded,” the source details.

All things being said, we can’t but say the following: cheers and let’s save the world!


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