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Beechcraft's $4.6 Million Citation M2 Jet Tells World You Know How to Fly
Let’s face it; if you’re going to travel, you might as well do it in style, comfort, and even showing the world that you’ve got it all. One way to do that is with your very own private jet. If you’d like to see how some of the world’s richest like to move about, keep reading.

Beechcraft's $4.6 Million Citation M2 Jet Tells World You Know How to Fly

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Folks, Beechcraft is a name that’s been known to the world over since 1932. Initially operating as a Cessna factory, their role in WWII helped solidify the idea that this company can produce fitting aircraft. Years later, in 2014, Textron, a company founded that same year, completed its acquisition of Beechcraft, but the company maintained its ability to produce renowned aircraft.

One jet in their lineup is the Citation M2 business jet, an aircraft aimed at being the perfect entry-level jet for pilots. Features like speed, control, range, and comfort, are at the center of its construction. Let's not forget about performance and ease-of-use.

As any craft meant to take you far, far away, one important feature of the M2 is its range. With a range of 1,550 nautical miles (1,783 mi), you won’t be doing and trans-Atlantic crossings, unless you can land this on an aircraft carrier and refuel, but it is perfect for quick trip from Chicago to New York. Better yet, imagine doing a bit of island hopping with your very own private jet; quite a few are available for charter.

Speaking of privacy, this is the smallest of the business class jets that Beechcraft currently offers, so only your closest friends will be joining you on this trip; up to seven passengers. But your friends or business partners will thank you later as their bottoms will be sitting on leather seats, surrounded by textured walls and extensive comfort features.

If you’d like, the Citation can be optionally equipped with a forward cabinet, just perfect for storing some snacks, drinks, and anything else you can think of. Being a business jet, you can bet there are some naughty things going on aboard. Speaking of extras, the craft can be loaded up to a 3,810-lb (1,728-kg) limit.

One important feature to note are the jet powerplants. Two, Williams International, FJ44-1AP-21 powerhouse produces 1,956 lbs (887 kg) of thrust. What does this mean in terms of speed based on the craft’s load and atmospheric elements? Well, the jet is capable of hitting 404 ktas (464.9 mph), 0.71 Mach. If only just a tad more power.

As it stands, the entire jet comes in with a tip to tail length of 42.6 (13.0m), height of 13.9 ft (4.2m), and has a wingspan of 47.25 ft (14.4 m). Altogether, the M2 requires 3,210 ft (978 m) of field length for taking off, so you probably won’t be visiting the smallest islands with this puppy, but city airports should do just fine.

The final space where Beechcraft really put in the effort is the cockpit. Together with Garmin, the M2 is supplied with a G3000 avionics display and control systems. I'm not really sure what “user-friendly” means in the piloting world, but the manufacturer does make it sound like I can just hop on up in the cockpit and fly this myself. Heck Beechcraft even offers lessons to take your flying abilities to the next level.

Finally, the most important aspect of this aircraft is its cost. Let's say you put in the work and finally become a millionaire, one day. Well, I've got news for you. You’d better keep working as the starting price for one of these puppies, according to evojets, is around $4.6 million (€3.94 million).

But, with a little bit of business-mentality, I'm sure you can turn this craft into a money-maker, not a money-waster. Then again, you’ll probably acquire it with some tax right-off, and that $4.6 million won’t matter, especially since you own a private jet.


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