Beautiful, Handmade Truck Camper Is Built To Prioritize Mobility and Off-Grid Access

While there are plenty of truck campers out there designed to meet the various needs of adventure-seekers, DIY builds will always be more interesting and commendable. They’ve got more personality and they also encourage others to discover their inner craftsman. Here’s a beautiful, handcrafted camper to inspire you, should you need something designed to prioritize mobility and off-grid access.
Endgame Campers - Camper 5.0 12 photos
Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0Endgame Camper 5.0
This talented guy you see in the video (below this article) is Dave Mason, but you might know him as the guy behind the Endgame YouTube channel. Passionate about campers, leather, and woodworking, Mason builds some really unique and practical campers in his home shop and most of them are available to purchase. I’ve already covered one of his creations, namely the Camper 4.0 and I briefly introduced the Camper 5.0, too, when he first unveiled it, back in June. But that was just a sneak peek of it and we were all waiting for the in-depth tour of the 5.0, which Endgame is finally ready to offer.

What makes Endgame campers even more impressive, in addition to their design, is the fact that they are built without any planning or sketching. Mason just goes with the flow and somehow manages to still come up with some pretty awesome builds.

The 5.0 is lightweight, practical, and designed to be off-grid capable, meaning it doesn’t rely on any generators. It comes with 600W of solar power on top and a robust electrical system inside, which includes a 3.8 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery.

For the construction of the Camper 5.0, Endgame used a light, cedar frame, and quarter-inch plywood covered with a smooth, roll-on bed liner-style material that is waterproof. Outdoorsy graphics give a unique look to the camper, enhancing its aesthetics. As for the dry weight of the camper, it tips the scales at around 750 lb (340 kg), while fully loaded, it goes a bit under 1,000 lb (453 kg).

The Camper 5.0 can sleep up to four people and comes with a 5,000 BTU AC unit that can run completely off-grid, just on the 600W of solar power and the aforementioned lithium battery. Endgame went with an extendable outdoor kitchen in the back, which measures 48” (122 cm) in length, comes with a sink, and has a dedicated slot for a camp stove. There’s also a cubby for storage. Inside the camper, you’ve also got a 55-Quart, slide-out fridge, a generous countertop area with storage underneath, and another sink that runs off of a USB-charged faucet.

Endgame’s hand-built camper has a lounge area with an L-shaped couch, dimmable lights, a sturdy, hardwood frame for the door, and a residential lock to keep it secure.

Here’s a detailed tour of the camper in the video below.


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