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Beat-Up Vintage Trailer Was Turned Into A Surprisingly Stylish Luxury Home on Wheels

This successful project proves that a little TLC (and enough money) can do wonders, even with a vintage trailer that was in pretty bad condition. Sarah, who is known for her popular blog called Budget Gil, started with a simple idea and ended up with a great business just one year later.
Sarah renovated an old trailer and turned into a luxury glamping retreat 17 photos
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It’s hard to believe that someone who is passionate about real estate, who owns a duplex, and who describes themselves as “a maximalist” could also appreciate the unique charm of vintage campers. Yet this is the case of Sarah, who says she has loved the aesthetic of retro trailers since she was in college. In fact, she considers all modern trailers to be “plastic boxes with too many branded labels.”

In 2021, she decided to grab one of these vintage beauties and turn it into an Airbnb with a Texas-Aggie theme. After intensive searching and what she calls “a failed purchase,” Sarah eventually found a 1984 Holiday Rambler in Searcy, Arkansas,and towed it all the way to College Station, Texas. The good news was that the current owners had already handled the hardest renovating part (“gutting and sealing”) before deciding to drop the project, but the old trailer was far from decent-looking. But it was worth that $4,2000 Sarah spent on it.

It would take $10,000 to turn into a home on wheels, a very stylish and comfortable one. The young entrepreneur shared the entire process with her followers and proudly revealed “The Wagon” at the end of last year. The rough-looking trailer was now a charming red-and-white glamping retreat with impressive interiors.

Big enough for two guests, the Wagon reveals a queen-sized bed, a modern kitchen, a full bathroom, a lounging area, and, of course, the typical dinette. Wi-Fi and smart TV are available, along with games and books. The Texas theme is subtly present throughout the 200 square feet (18.5 square meters) mixed with contemporary elements.

In just a little over a year, Sarah managed to turn a plain, old trailer into an impressive home on wheels that became instantly popular as a glamping retreat – this is the type of modern fairytale that’s inspiring to more and more people today.

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