"Beach-Proof" Rivian R1S Doesn't Fear Sand, Gets Playful

Multiple voices claim that the R1S is the all-electric production SUV nearing perfection. We can't really disagree with that assessment. More so, after watching a Rivian owner having a blast. They took the vehicle to the beach and unleashed all its prowess without a worry in the world. Here's how something like this is possible.
Rivian R1S Playing in the Sand 12 photos
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2023 Rivian R1S Dual-MotorThe BeachQuad-Motor Rivian R1S at the BeachQuad-Motor Rivian R1S at the BeachQuad-Motor Rivian R1S at the BeachQuad-Motor Rivian R1S at the BeachQuad-Motor Rivian R1S at the BeachQuad-Motor Rivian R1S at the BeachQuad-Motor Rivian R1S at the BeachQuad-Motor Rivian R1S at the BeachQuad-Motor Rivian R1S at the Beach
The SUV you're about to see being hooned on Del Rey Beach, Oregon, is a quad-motor unit. The owner trusts the vehicle so much that they only modified the suspension setting, which is why it looks like it has so much ground clearance while devastating that particular spot.

The rim design also tells us that we're looking at the 21-inch wheels, which are ideal for normal driving and maximizing range.

It didn't matter to this owner that they had "normal" wheels and no special mode activated. This person asked the SUV to throw some sand in the air, and it delivered gracefully. Just look at the video below, and you'll convince yourself about the R1S' capabilities.

But it's worth noting that the R1S has 10 drive modes! All-Purpose, Sport, and Conserve are the main ones. They are similar to something you would find in a BMW. Think of them as Comfort, Sport, and Eco Pro.

Snow, All-Terrain, Soft Sand, Rock Crawl, Rally, Drift, and Towing are, just like their names suggest, meant to be used in specific scenarios.

Figuring out how many motors a Rivian R1-series vehicle has is easy. All you have to do is look at the badges and the brake calipers. If they're silver, that's a vehicle with two motors. If they're yellow, the EV has a motor for each wheel.

Recently, the automaker updated the power output for the R1T and R1S. These are as follows:
  • Dual-Motor AWD – 533 hp;
  • Performance Dual-Motor AWD – 665 hp;
  • Quad-Motor AWD – 835 hp.

The cheapest Rivian SUV Americans and Canadians can order today costs USD 78,000 and CAD 116,500, respectively.

2023 Rivian R1S Dual\-Motor
Photo: Rivian
For US customers, that pre-tax price puts the vehicle under the updated EV tax credit limit of USD 80,000. By choosing to spend their hard-earned money on a Rivian made in Normal, Illinois, they can get quite the vehicle. The three-row R1S finished in LA Silver, with the Adventure Pack, the dual-motor powertrain, and the 260-mile standard battery pack is not a bad offer at all.

The unfortunate thing, sadly, is that the Irvine-based EV maker isn't delivering the SUVs with the smallest battery pack. It's scheduled to start in the summer of 2024, but changes could be made along the way. It all depends on how streamlined production can become.

As such, if you're willing to give up on the EV tax credit and find some change in your pocket or bank account, an extra USD 6,000 switches the 260-mile energy storage unit with the 340-mile one.

Adding 80 miles of more range could be useful, depending on your traveling needs and residence. The extra battery modules will be a blessing if it gets too cold or hot. The thermal management system can consume more electricity than usual when it works to protect the energy storage unit.

Now watch this owner having a blast on the beach. It's yet another confirmation that the American startup launched a great all-electric SUV that seems to be destined for greatness.

Maybe it's time to give EVs a proper chance, wouldn't you agree?

Due to Meta's rules regarding shorter videos, we were unable to include the footage in the article. Open the photo gallery or click here to see the R1S in action. 
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