Be Safe Out There, Even Though Sometimes There Really Isn’t Much You Can Do

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To me, it’s a complete mystery how some people manage to fail their driving test, and that’s not because I’m arrogant and think it’s so easy that anyone can do it. No, it’s because I see what some people who own that pink piece of plastic are capable of, and I sincerely can’t imagine how others could have done worse not to deserve it.
We’re back to Her Royal Majesty’s United Kingdom where some of her subjects appear to have troubles fathoming the whole driving on the left thing, even though it could very well be that the driver was a tourist. Anyway, sit tight because what you’re about to see defies logic, common sense and possibly everything else we’ve been taught about the world we live in.

The dashcam car was coming off M6 and heading towards a roundabout when the driver noticed a red Audi A1 heading his way. On the correct side of the road, mind you, except this was a one-way street. Fearing for the safety of those behind him, the driver moves to the middle of the road to prevent the Audi from passing and flashes the car.

It seems the A1 driver had her own doubts about what she was doing, because it doesn’t take long before she attempts to turn the car around. However, the three-point turn quickly becomes too painful to watch as she first reverses into the railing on the right side, before taking off the small grassy bank on the other side and smashing the front bumper into the left-hand road barrier.

As if nothing happened, she then runs away with the kind of speed that would have anybody worried considering how good her car control skills proved to be.

All joke aside, these are the kind of incidents that raise serious questions about how driving licenses are attributed and how often should a driver be reexamined. If it’s hard to do something at a national level, then at least take the license plate number from this video and call in the owner for a quick chat. It’s not mean, it’s not unfair, it’s just a matter of road safety. Just as speeding and reckless behavior are punished, so should the lack of any driving skills be.

Some argue that the filming car moving forward as the Audi driver was trying to turn around might have put unnecessary pressure that caused her to lose composure. Well, that might be true, but if the proximity of a car is enough to make you loose control like that, then we’re sticking to our verdict: sorry, but get off the road and don’t come back. It’s OK, not everybody has to drive.

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