Be Properly Green - Don`t Buy Any New Car!

Extensive marketing campaigns have slowly but surely indoctrinated us to believe that we need to change the car that we drive every three-to-five years, and replace it with something that is new, and better! Manufacturers are relying on this, and it is affecting their products in two very important ways: all cars are now built to break, instead of last, and they are built to about 75% of their capabilities, in order for the manufacturer to come back after two-three years with a ‘facelift’ which fixes this and that - flaws or shortcomings which were intentionally built into the cars.
Now, the problem of being green and driving green. Which do you think is greener, a 50 year-old classic, which has just been rescued out of a junkyard, or a brand new Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid? Of course you`d be inclined to opt for the latter, but you`d be very wrong in doing so. Firstly, the old car has no further impact on the environment, as it was built 50 years ago, it is probably better looking (most old cars look better than what we consider today as being ‘pretty’), as well as considerably cheaper.

Sure it may have an old engine, which chucks out tonnes of fumes and noxious gases, but you can always throw the old lump away and give it a more modern powerplant. This is not at all far-fetched and an engine swap really isn`t a big deal these days, and virtually any garage with some sort of lifting device (or a jack placed underneath the car) can rid you of your old engine and replace it with pretty much whatever you want.

Now, back to the idea of being green. You want to drive a green car, with very little or absolutely no impact on the environment? Don`t buy a Prius or any of that nonsense. What you need is an old car, preferably a good one which looks good an makes you feel happy (old cars do that), and instead of replacing its petrol engine with a more modern equivalent, fils it with batteries and give it some sort of decently-powerful electric motor.

This too, is not far-fetched, and companies are sprouting up all over the world, offering to convert your conventionally-powered vehicle, whatever it may be, into an EV which is far greener than anything you could buy ‘off the shelf’. Do you have any idea what sort of crap they have to pull out of the ground, and then put into the battery packs fitted to these cars? Stuff so toxic it turns your eyes to liquid - instantly!

The fact of the matter is that a Prius (or any hybrid, and even some factory-made EVs) do more damage to the environment in the long run, than an efficient new car with a small petrol or diesel powerplant. Steer clear of such nonsense, and get yourself a proper classic, with proper looks (preferably from the 1960s), strengthen its chassis (will not make it as safe as modern car, but it will still be an improvement), give it some modern amenities, and this can include whatever you feel is too out of date and needs changing, fill it full of batteries (which may be a problem to get a hold of - the biggest hurdle of the whole project, but once you`ve gotten over it, it should be easier) - then you`re off.

Also, if you choose to be part of the conversion process, the driving experience after completion will be unmatched by anything you could ever buy, even if what you are driving does not have that ‘new car smell’ - that`s just plastic, anyway. There are so many relatively cheap classic cars out there just rotting away their curvy panels, being battered by the elements, while people continue to be ignorant and buy hybrids!

The steps are simple: just think which car would make you happy, a classic car you have dreamt of for years, and never really found the time or motivation to get into, then look for one, get it as cheaply as possibly, then start modernizing it. Imagine a citroen DS, with all the latest gadgets and technologies, as well as an electric powertrain, which would undoubtedly suit its futuristic character very well - even better than the admittedly smooth petrol engine it came with.

There is really no argument against undertaking such a project, which may seem daunting, but it is something people would really understand, and you may discover that some may even be willing to help you for free! It is of course the thrill of the project car, as you fiddle away in your garage for months, even years, until your wife leaves you, and you discover you have not shaved in two weeks, which is exactly how long it’s been since you`ve forgotten to go to work - but you don`t care, you have your very own bespoke and unique car to drive around in and you`re happy.

Even if you end up broke, if you did the EV conversion while you still had money, your cool car will definitely convince people to let you charge for free, so you`ll still be able to drive around. How great would that be?
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