Be Careful When You Hop in the New 5-Door MINI

We’re more than excited about the new 5-door MINI and we know that not everyone agrees. The added practicality of those extra doors can’t be denied and neither can the extra headroom and legroom in the back.
5-door mini commercial 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
However, as you’re about to see, various issues can surface with the new body style, whether you like it or not. Get up early in the morning and step out to go to work before you’re ready and you might end up in the back instead of the driver’s seat.As people got used to the Hatch having just two doors, that sort of mistake is easy to make.

Others will have a problem with accepting the new car, as we’re already seeing online, where a massive ... storm has erupted after the British brand unveiled its newest creation.

The most common phrase you’re going to hear is that ‘MINI is no longer mini’ a thing that doesn’t really make sense anymore. If back in the 50s and 60s the original car was designed to be small and economical, things have changed in the last half of century.

People want comfort, all sorts of features and safety inside their cars and that simply isn’t possible in a smaller package. Furthermore, if the company’s name is MINI that doesn’t mean all of its cars should be extremely small.

Sure, the smallest offering at the moment, the Hardtop, is not as small as it used to, but it can hardly be called big. Furthermore, a wider variety of choices wouldn’t hurt, as the sales will surely show.

Until we get the first report on how the 5-door Hardtop is selling though, let’s take a look at how Spike is warming up to it and how it looks in motion in the car’s first commercial.

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