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BBC Escapes Penalty for Button's Live Swearing

The BBC – Formula One's broadcaster for the UK – managed to escape any penalties after 2009 world champion Jenson Button swore during a live broadcasting at the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Brawn GP driver finished the race in 3rd place and was caught conversing with his fellow podium finishers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. During the conversation, Button told the Red Bull drivers “F*ck, I should have waited”, which left some viewers totally dissatisfied with what they've heard.

Soon after, independent communications authority Ofcom revealed that some viewers complained about the event, even though the aforementioned portion of the broadcasting was removed for re-runs.

In an official answer to Ofcom, the British broadcaster insisted that the output of the F1 coverage is supplied by Bernie Ecclestone's Formula One Management, and the things that are aired are not completely controlled by the BBC itself.

However, it (the BBC) stressed that it asked Formula One (Management) to remind drivers that their conversations would be broadcast live and must not swear, and that formula one had given the drivers this reminder,” said the report from Ofcom.

To minimize the likelihood of recurrence, the BBC said it would, in future, make every effort to dip or mask the sound if there is an indication of the impending use of strong language,” added the report.

In an attempt to further explain the happening, the BBC also argued that this type of language is often used by sportsmen in general, especially after such exhausting events. In addition, it was mentioned that the commentators had apologized for what happened soon after the indiscretion was caught on camera.


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