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Batu 535 Expedition Trailer Guarantees Comfortable Life in Most Inhospitable Lands
Travel trailers come in all shapes, sizes, and functions, and in our search to find some of the biggest meanest, and most capable trailers around, we had to step out of the usual confines of the industry and delve deeper into the rabbit hole.

Batu 535 Expedition Trailer Guarantees Comfortable Life in Most Inhospitable Lands

Batu 535 Expedition Trailer GalleyBatu 535 Expedition Trailer BathroomBatu 535 Expedition Trailer GalleyBatu 535 Expedition Trailer InteriorBatu 535 Expedition Trailer Interior and BeddingBatu 535 Expedition Trailer BathroomBatu 535 Expedition Trailer Bike RackBatu 535 Expedition Trailer Exterior Bathroom DoorBatu 535 Expedition Trailer (Action)Batu 535 Expedition Trailer Suspension and AxlesBatu 535 Expedition Trailer (Camping)Batu 535 Expedition Trailer GalleyBatu 535 Expedition Trailer (Action)
At the end of the proverbial rabbit hole, lo and behold, a trailer known only as the Batu 535 from Crawler, a Turkish manufacturer of off-road and expedition-ready vehicles. That’s right, Turkish, and before you question this country’s ability to produce mean and capable machines, I recommend you read about what the 535 can do for your off-road and off-grid adventures.

If there’s one thing we know about expedition vehicles is that they’re made to keep you alive while traveling through some of the most inhospitable terrains on the planet. Well, the Batu 535 is exactly the sort of vehicle you want behind you whether you take on Dakar or that 5-day route through your local mountain range. Heck, it looks just as good alongside a lake with a camper fire behind it.

To get an idea of what 535 can do, you need to take a closer look at how this beast is built. Crawler offers an aluminum body with an electro-galvanized coating that sits on top of an independent suspension with double shock absorbers, not to mention the inclusion of dual axles.

With coupling and stabilizer, the entire thing comes in with an approximate weight of 1,730 kg (3,813 kg) with standard equipment loaded. You’ll also be towing a construction that’s 735 cm (289 in) long and 205 cm (80 in) wide.

All that yields a 4-season trailer that also includes an adjustable air suspension and plenty of cargo space, a crucial element in any RV no matter the level it’s meant to perform at. If that’s not enough to catch your attention, how about a 4-person sleeping capacity, movable dining table, interior and exterior kitchens, and of course, a fully stocked bathroom.

If you ever happen to visit Crawler’s website, the list of standard features is row after row of information that pertains to everything from electrical and plumbing systems all the way to interior design and features like insect nets. In the spirit that you probably have something else in your life that needs tending to, I'll name off some important features that are crucial to a pleasant and comfortable adventure experience.

Aside from countless storage cabinets, shelves, and drawers, the exterior of 535 is also stocked with lighting options to help illuminate the world around you when there normally wouldn’t be any source of light except a full moon. Running electrical systems is a smart panel and control box, Victron gel battery and smart charger, countless outlets, and up to 325 watts of solar panel power as an option.

Helping you cook your five-course meals in places where that’s unheard of are the two kitchens I mentioned, but inside is a three-burner stove, 152-liter (40-gallon) fridge, chrome countertop, and sink with hot and cold water supplied by a 136-liter (36-gallon) freshwater tank powered by a Truma Combi 6 air and water heating system.

For sleeping, guests will find a large bedroom at the front of the trailer, and on the port side, a foldable bunk bedding system is built right into the frame of the 535. As for bathroom features, a cassette toilet, shower, foldable sink, and interior and exterior-access doors ensure that you can clean yourself off before ever setting foot inside Batu 535.

And that’s not the end of the story either, countless features can be added to your standard 535. So how much is all this going to cost you? Well, a standard Batu 535 comes in with a ground-shaking price tag of $76,347 (€65,496 at current exchange rates). But, by the time you create your own optimized 535, you’re going to be looking at a tad more.

I created my own Batu 535 with gun and fishing rod holders, bike racks, solar kit, 4-meter (13-foot) awning, anti-freeze water system, and adjustable air suspension and ended up looking at a trailer priced at $84,250 (€72,271 at current exchange rates). I don’t know about you, but I've seen trailers that cost more than this and are less equipped; a towable worth noting if you’re ever in the market for a beast of a trinket.

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