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Battlefield 2042's Launch Was an Epic Fail, EA Now Mulling Free-to-Play Game Model

It's not often we get to discuss video game-related news here, but when we do, we'd appreciate it if the game was complete and ready to go when we buy it. That simply wasn't the case for EAs Battlefield 2042. Now riddled with scandal, controversy, and horrendously disappointing sales, there's even talk of the once $60 game turning to a free-to-play model.
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Battlefield 2042Battlefield 2042Battlefield 2042Battlefield 2042Battlefield 2042
How'd this supposed triple-a game reach such a sad and frankly pathetic new low? Well, a great deal of it can be attributed to rushing the game out the door in time for last year's holiday season. Key components like the single-player campaign mode. On the multiplayer side of things, basic game modes like team deathmatch and solo deathmatch were eerily omitted from the game at release. This has since been fixed.

Even basic matchmaking performed woefully during the game's few months or so on the market. All while other triple-a games from the same time frame like Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite, and Call of Duty Vanguard have seen meteoric sales data thanks partly to their shorter development times, which were less crippled by rushed releases.

Although Halo Infinite did indeed share many criticisms with Battlefield, a great deal of patches post-release that have yet to come to the EA game has seen most of the ill will towards Halo diminish over the last few months.

Combined with a slew of other minor details left out of the game for months, it's easy to see how the disastrous release of Battlefield 2042 may prompt EA to transition the game to a free-to-play model to attract as many new faces to the game as possible.

For fans of the Battlefield series at its height a decade ago, it's a crippling blow that might see the franchise's doom at some point down the line. What an absolute shame. At least you can still ride a Polaris ATV in the game, but a saving grace, that is not.

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