Battle of the Modified Mercs: 1,000-HP E 63 S Takes On Tuned AMG GT Black Series

Mercedes is a major player in the automotive industry and one that is revered by many car enthusiasts. But everything can be tuned and improved and this drag race shows a battle between two juiced-up cars hailing from the German carmaker’s lineup.
AMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag Race 14 photos
Photo: YouTube / Shmee150
AMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag RaceAMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag Race
The first competitor does not really need much of an introduction as it is one of the most well-known cars to feature an AMG badge. I am talking about the AMG GT, a car that launched with massive hype back in 2014 and has enjoyed one of the seats at the top of Mercedes’ lineup ever since.

But this is no ordinary AMG GT, as that would be too unremarkable for this drag race, especially when considering what it’s up against, but that will come later. This AMG GT sports the Black Series badge, which means every detail is optimized for track use. Oh, and it also pushes around 850 hp (although unclear if mechanical or metric) instead of the standard 720 (730 ps).

The one time I got the chance to see one of these beasts parked I was completely shocked and I must have spent over half an hour admiring all the aero bits on it. I was especially lucky to see one flaunting its front splitter extended, which along with the front canards, makes it look ready to tackle any time attack event.

But that’s just one small detail among the myriad of crazy features in its aero package. From the front grille to the hood and fender vents on this car, everything screams performance. And that’s a theme that also spreads to the rear, with huge fender flares and a massive carbon fiber diffuser.

But none of those even come close to the absolutely bonkers rear wing, which looks like it could be used as a picnic table. The sheer size of this double-decked spoiler can make anyone’s jaw drop, as it probably has enough square footage to make some New York penthouse owners jealous. Just kidding here, alright?

AMG GT Black Series VS E63S Drag Race
Photo: YouTube / Shmee150
Standing against it is another well-known AMG, the E 63 S. While this car might be more accessible to the average person and not nearly as mental as the AMG GT Black Series, it is still a really cool ride. Thanks to a few modifications, this car stands right on the nice and round 1,000 HP mark, posing an interesting question as to which one is faster.

The short answer is that it depends on the situation, as will soon become apparent. First things first, the AMG GT  Black Series might be down on power, but it is also down on weight, with the video quoting a difference of around 500 pounds (225kg), giving it a slight edge. Granted, the E 63 S wins on the traction front as it is AWD, compared to its RWD opponent.

And things go as can be expected in the drag race, with the E 63 S launching off the line like an absolute rocket, a deficit that the Black Series was unable to come back from. The AWD system managed the power really well, propelling the cheaper car to three consecutive uncontested victories.

But then came the rolling races, which the AMG GT Black Series absolutely smashed. No AWD system also means no power loss in the drive train. Combined with the massive weight advantage, this proved enough to secure three uncontested wins, even when fluffing a gear change, despite the massive, drag-inducing rear wing.

The two cars are just built to do different things, and their performance in the two challenges perfectly illustrated that. Granted, it would be understandable for Porsche 911 owners to laugh at both considering that car somehow manages to tackle drag strips as well as it does race tracks.

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