Base-Spec Porsche 911 Rendered as $50,000 Bargain, Looks Retro

As Porsche's popularity increases, so does the financial status required to walk into a showroom of the German brand and grab the sportscar of your dreams. And the 911 is obviously the first name that comes to mind when talking about such a machine.
Base-Spec Porsche 911 Render 4 photos
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Base-Spec Porsche 911 RenderBase-Spec Porsche 911 RenderBase-Spec Porsche 911 Render
Zuffenhausen has at least two ways of monetizing such trends. The first has to do with the obvious pricing increase that comes with each new facelift or generation. As for the latter, this involves the almost endless realm that is the Porsche options list.

Nevertheless, with more and more aficionados dreaming of adorning their garages or driveways with a Neunelfer, these gearheads have to somehow fulfill their fantasies.

And this is where the world wide web comes into play. Nowadays, renderings show up on a weekly basis, so it's not difficult for such a pathway to deliver the budget rear-engined animal of our dreams.

Case in point with the Photoshop transformation we're here to show you, which aims to strip the 911 of any costly feature. In our book, a monstrous effort of the kind still wouldn't bring the price of the flat-six bearer to the financial level of, say, a 718 Cayman or Boxster. Nevertheless, we decided to dream a little bit and mention a $50,000 price tag.

The rendering process, which is detailed in the YouTube video at the bottom of the page, is basically the opposite of what Porsche Exclusive delivers.

For instance, the exterior treatment brings rather extreme elements such as steel wheels and halogen lights, while the little details such as the engine cover are also involved.

As for the cabin, all the active tech bits of the 911, from the exhaust to the suspension, are removed, so the center console now accommodates a generous storage compartment where all the buttons used to be.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen Porschephiles, a brand new Porsche 911 that almost comes at the price of a fully loaded and accessorized Golf R.

Even the dashboard gets a basic approach, one mixing a basic steering wheel that could very well come from a Dacia Sandero (this is the only element we'd leave out of the project), with a monochrome onboard computer display lifted from a Mk V Volkswagen Golf.

Sure, such an approach might seem exaggerated, but we could say the same about Porsche's approach, which always makes stripped-our specials more expensive. And while one could expect that from a naturally aspirated hero such as the 911 R, the hefty pricing bump for the Carrera T doesn't please too many fans.

All the basic exterior elements of the 911 seem to enhance the retro aura of the sportscar, so this makes for an interesting proposal.

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