Barn Find 1966 Pontiac GTO Hopes to Get Back on the Road After Over 30 Years

1966 was the year when the GTO finally became a separate model in Pontiac’s lineup, as the carmaker finally noticed the potential of the car and decided to no longer sell it as an option for the Tempest LeMans.
1966 Pontiac GTO 6 photos
1966 Pontiac GTO1966 Pontiac GTO1966 Pontiac GTO1966 Pontiac GTO1966 Pontiac GTO
And this proved to be a smart decision, as Pontiac ended up selling close to 97,000 GTOs in 1966, more than in any other year since the car got to see the daylight.

But despite these record production numbers, finding an all-original ’66 GTO isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds, especially because many of these cars ended up getting a restomod treatment from owners who wanted to boast more muscle without losing the cool factor of the factory design.

On the other hand, original ’66 GTOs sometimes end up back on the road thanks to barn finds, though it goes without saying these cars don’t always come in their best shape.

And the one we have here is the best example in this regard, as this GTO does promise to sport mostly original parts, though the overall condition is questionable, to say the least.

The few photos published by the Craigslist seller should be reason enough for any interested buyer to closely inspect this GTO in person before a potential purchase, especially because it’s hard to tell how much damage the rust has ended up causing by simply checking out the images.

No information has been provided on the engine, but on the other hand, one of the photos shows the current owner might have started a rebuild, though the current status of the project is as seen.

Stored in a barn for over 30 years, this GTO could be a gem totally deserving a second chance, but unfortunately, all the important details are missing, so make sure you ask more questions before taking it home. As for the price, the owner hopes to get no more, no less than $18,000 for the car.

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