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Bank Guard Gives Directions to Moving Empty Car, They Get Along Just Fine

We've all made goofy mistakes that made people around us laugh so hard they risked ending up in the ER, while our faces turned redder than a baboon's behind and we felt like dying right there and then.
Philippine guard 1 photo
Luckily for most of us, those moments happened far away from any recording camera, so it's just between ourselves and the few people that saw it (who can be persuaded to forget all about it, if the appropriate threats are made). This Philippine bank guard wasn't as lucky, as the institution's CCTV cameras were rolling and they captured the whole moment. The Internet took care of the rest, making him famous overnight.

What happened was that a woman parked her car in front of the bank, and then went inside to take care of her business. The thing is, she forgot to pull the handbrake (so this recording is actually a double whammy, shaming both the unaware guard and the distracted woman). Since the surface wasn't perfectly flat, the car started to roll backward towards the sidewalk.

The guard, being more vigilant than when the woman was getting out of her car, spotted the red crossover moving and so decided to be of assistance. With the sure movements and gestures of somebody who would instantly be admitted into traffic police, the good Samaritan tells the unmanned car to continue moving, and the vehicle obliges. But only due to gravity.

The car had its wheels turned to the left, so it rolled quietly in a seemingly natural manner onto the sidewalk. The video ends before we can see the car come to a complete stop, and by the looks of it, the street wasn't exactly flat either. However, the owner of the car posted the footage on the Web saying the car came to a halt without damaging anything. Well, apart from this man's dignity, that is.



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