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Bandit9 AVA Pays Tribute to the Jet Age, Now Try to Stop Drooling

It's been quite some time since we featured a Bandit9 bike here, but man, the wait was worth it! Welcome AVA, Daryl Villanueva's newest addition to the fleet, a luscious metal creation that will stir the melancholic feelings you thought you buried so deep in your soul.
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"Automotive design isn't what it used to be. What I see on the streets today is lifeless. If you look back 60 years ago, during the Jet Age, it was a time when cars, trains and planes symbolized progress. We took risks. We went to the moon, we broke the sound barrier. We made history," Daryl tells us.

After talking to him, we look at the AVA once more, and the bike appears to shine in a completely new light. All of a sudden, the echoes of the past seem to come back to life, glorious in their simplicity and telling stories some have maybe forgotten.Bandit9 AVA is as much a custom bike as it is a piece of art
One of the signature features of all Bandit 9 bikes is their strong reference to modern art, and AVA makes no exception. The bike has a handcrafted metal unibody that incorporates the tank, the seat pan and the tail section, complemented by a matching front cowl with an X shape embossed where the headlight should have been.

Light comes from dual fork-mounted projectors on the right leg, which add more to the exquisite character of the build. The only things that are not silver are the grips, tires, and calipers. The forks and exposed springs (which, by the way, look cool) received a silvery finish, just like the frame, deer-leg swingarm, engine, and exhaust.

Daryl sand cast the organic-shaped swingarm and crafted the special mounts of the dual rear shocks. The LED tail light, bar-end turn signals, handlebars, speedo and the exhaust system are all made in-house by Bandit9.

The custom seat was covered in genuine calf leather, and it can only accommodate the rider, explicitly telling a story of a somewhat egotistical pleasure one can get on the road astride this bike.

Daryl tells us that the AVA can be had for $10,950 (€9,960), including door-to-door delivery. Only nine such jewels will be made, so if you fancy getting one, head over to Bandit9 and pre-order your AVA.


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