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Baloo The Cat Travels 700 Miles by Mistake, Hidden Inside Tire Rim Package

Curiosity could have killed the cat. Baloo, a curious feline that lives with his humans in Nova Scotia, Canada, traveled 700 miles in a delivery truck because his curiosity got the best of him.
Baloo the cat traveled 700 miles in a delivery truck, hidden inside a tire rim parcel 5 photos
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Jacqueline Lake tells CTV News that she had packed tire rims in a box, meaning to sent it all the way to Montreal. She sealed the box and handed it over to the Purolator delivery man, not knowing that the cat had slipped inside when she wasn’t paying attention.

“He got under, so he wasn't on top. He had gotten in through the little hole of the rim down into the bottom of the box,” she tells the media outlet.

So Baloo made the 17-hour drive inside the box. When the truck arrived in Montreal, the driver noticed cat pee inside the truck so he set out to find its source, and Baloo was discovered. He called SPCA, which took him in and started looking for the owner.

Meanwhile, back home, Lake had even printed missing posters to hang up on walls, thinking that maybe Baloo was still around. She and her family looked everywhere for him, but she was very surprised when she received the call telling her that he was 700 miles away, in Montreal.

SPCA and the driver of the truck worked together, scanned the bar code on the parcel and tracked down the cat’s owner.

Right now, Baloo is still in Montreal, getting ready to make the same long journey back home. This time, though, he will be traveling with all the comfort he needs, thanks to volunteers from Freedom Drivers, which is a non-profit organization that transports animals from shelters.

“To actually have him be okay and coming back to me, I'm so thankful, I'm so thankful,” Lake says. Her daughter is eager to give Baloo a big hug and a kiss when they’re reunited.


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