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Bali Cruiser Go! Is a Tassel-Filled and Vintage-Inspired EV for the Modern Child-O-Adult
When's the last time you saw a bike with tassels on it? If children are riding bikes around your neighborhood, the answer is today. Other than that, I'd answer 20 years ago. Well, Electra, Trek's budget-friendly brand, is bringing the tassels back, this time for adults.

Bali Cruiser Go! Is a Tassel-Filled and Vintage-Inspired EV for the Modern Child-O-Adult

Bali Cruiser Go!Bali Cruiser Go!Bali Cruiser Go!Bali Cruiser Go!Bali Cruiser Go! ControllerBali Cruiser Go! Grips and BellBali Cruiser Go! SaddleBali Cruiser Go! BrakesBali Cruiser Go! HeadlightBali Cruiser Go! Charge PortBali Cruiser Go! ChainguardBali Cruiser Go! Fenders
That's right, people, the Bali Cruiser Go! Step-Thru is a machine designed and destined for adults, well, at least the ones that still cling to the thrill of childhood (I'm one of them). Best of all, this machine from Electra, one of Trek Bicycle Corporation's more affordable brands, is priced at no more than $1,800 (€1,700 at current exchange rates), making it relatively accessible to folks that want to get into the e-bike game.

Yup, it's electric; after all, the brand is dubbed Electra. What did you expect? Now, Trek doesn't require any introduction; just turn on your TV to any sporting channel, and you'll see a Trek machine in the next few minutes. That said, let's just dive right into all that is Bali.

Let me just make one clear: typically, cruiser bikes like these, with a frame shape such as this, are usually meant for the ladies among us. That's not to say that I wouldn't be seen rocking this bike, I would, but I'd limit my interactions with my male cycling buddies; the ladies would be all up for it.

Just as its name implies, this bugger features a step-through frame design. This not only yields a more comfortable riding position, but it also means that mounting and dismounting are as simple as possible; grandma won't be showcasing her stockings for all the world to see. Furthermore, since the top tube is clear of any action your legs may need to take in case of an emergency, planting your feet quickly and safely is also part of the mechanics of a step-through frame.

As mentioned, this is an EV, but for this sort of price, don't expect the most amazing e-bike on the market. Instead, try and envision a machine built for comfort and looks. With a 250-watt rear hub motor from Hyena, the Bali can still assist your pedaling up to 20 mph (32 kph), but the downside is the range, sort of.

With an integrated 250-watt-hour battery hidden in the down tube, the Bali can only achieve a maximum range of 40 miles (64 kilometers), and that's in ideal conditions. Again, it may seem like a rather small range, but when you consider that the average American only travels around 39 miles (63 kilometers) according to USDOT in one day, and that's by car, it seems to be more than enough.

One aspect that Electra has paid particular attention to is the visual aspect of the bike. A balance between green motifs and a Sand color coat is meant to give you a carefree island feeling. Leaves on the fork, chainguard, and fenders seem to be missing just one thing, some lizards. Then you've got those tassels. Man, do I love those things. And this love for the tassels has no functionality whatsoever; it's all about the feeling and visual symphony that can be witnessed as you ride along at 20 mph.

Safety features don't just include a pair of mechanical disc brakes and 180-millimeter (7.1-inch) rotors, but the presence of a headlight and taillight ensure you're seen even if nightfall has caught you trying to squeeze the last drops out of your battery. You'll need to buy a helmet on your own.

At the end of the day, a beach cruiser isn't the sort of bicycle that's meant for everyone, but with the electric capabilities and safety features the Bali showcases, it seems like a rather great gift for someone special in your life. Heck, maybe you're that special someone.

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