Backwards Wheeling While Standing on a Bike Looks Insanely Awesome

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Photo: Facebook capture
If you think that the Ride of the Century and other similar things are cool, it's high time to change your mind. Remember the unbelievable wheelie handstand trick we showed you earlier? Well, we have another amazing wheelie trick to match its cool factor. Just don't ask us which one we loved more because we can't decide, at least not yet.
For starters, riding a bike while seated backwards is a pretty neat trick in itself. There are people who have troubles riding at constant speed and in a straight line, so seeing this fellow popping a wheelie while not even bothering to peek over his shoulder to see where he's heading is already cool.

Apart from his awesome sense of balance, this chap seems to be very good at figuring out where the bike is heading, at least until he lands the wheelie.

If you look carefully, you can see that he is drifting a bit to the right side of the lane before landing. This would not represent a dangerous thing in the middle of the road, but his bike passes pretty close to a guardrail, and this fact is a bit on the hair-rising side.

Finally, his stunt rider successfully lands his wheelie, again, doing this better and more smoothly than many other would-be two-wheeled magicians. We can't vouch for this, but something tells us that we won't see this fellow mingling with all those attention-seeking riders who think they are cool popping their pathetic wheelies in busy traffic.

He also looks like he is on a highway, but at least there are no cars around, which shows a little bit of consideration for other road users. That said, keep in mind that we don't condone this kind of actions on public roads, as anything can happen. You can still enjoy the video, though.

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