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BackOFF XP Brake Light Module Saves the Day When Riding a Motorcycle in Busy Traffic – Video

The BackOFF XP Brake Light Module is a nifty add-on which can be installed on any motorcycle and which introduces a new level of road safety, by means of making the bike more visible when braking to slow down or come to a halt.
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BackOFF XP Brake Light ModuleBackOFF XP Brake Light Module in action
The not-so-funny thing about SMIDSY accidents is that they can happen in multiple scenarios, not only when another vehicle cuts the bike off. The same excuse was heard from drivers who rear-ended motorcyclists because they didn’t observe them slowing down. Downshifting is a really common thing among riders when it comes to slowing down, but in busy traffic this maneuver can prove a factor which increases the risk of a crash.

Slowing down without using the brakes leaves the traffic behind the bike with no clue as to what is happening, speed-wise. Then it’s the driver’s experience and good eye to figure out the course of things and make the necessary adjustments to his or her driving. Sometimes, not even the lit tail light is enough to capture the driver’s attention… and this is when things go really bad.

The best ideas are almost all the time the simplest, too

Signal Dynamics has come up with a very neat and simple solution for at least a part of the problem. The BackOFF XP Brake Light Module is a small chip which is easy to install on any motorcycle and only requires minimal technical skills and basic tools. The module basically alters the way your tail light illuminates when you engage the levers.

There are two modes you can set up the BackOFF XP Brake Light Module. Mode 1 flashes the tail light several times then the light is on for 4 seconds and keeps repeating this pattern as long as you are using the brake. The second mode emits 5 flashes and then keeps the tail light on as long as you are braking. These patterns have not been chosen randomly, as some might think, as road safety studies ad reaction experiments have determined which patterns have the best chances of being seen by motorists in various conditions.

Installing and wiring is exceptionally simple, as the BackOFF XP Brake Light Module sits in line with the brake light wire. Cutting it and using solder or crimp connectors also takes minutes. However, if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you’d better ask a specialist. The flashing modes can be selected by using one of the two wires, and capping the unused one, as described in the instructions manual.

The BackOFF XP Brake Light Module can be yours for a very neat price of $37.95 (€33.5) and works with both traditional bulbs and LED tail pieces. The anodized aluminium case of the BackOFF XP Brake Light Module is water, heat, and vibration resistant, too. And what’s even nicer, it also works with cars, too.


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