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Back to the Future De Tomaso Pantera Looks Breathtaking

I don't know about you guys, but this picture got me thinking that we need another Back to the Future movie. Hollywood is making reboots of every possible comic book, cartoon and fairy tale. They've even managed to make a crappy idea like Guardians of the Galaxy work, so Back to the Future should be a success.
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So what's with the photo? It's a rendering made by Khyzyl Saleem and published in February. Facebook only now had the wisdom to show it to us, but we'll forgive them because the photo is so awesome.

The guy's idea is simple: replace the awkward and slow DMC12 DeLorean with the De Tomaso Pantera. It's just as unique, but come closer to the supernatural look you need for a car that travels through time.

The image is a mixture of Photoshop copy+paste and digital painting. Marty looks much cooler thank to a set of glow-in-the-dark Nike hightops and a hoverboard that seems pulled from a Ben 10 cartoon. As for the car, it's stuffed with all sort of gizmos, thrusters and air vents. Those keen-eyed among you will notice the NFS-style wheels and Rocket Bunny widebody kit.

Just imagine how cool a movie with this style of art would be, maybe cast a buff young actor and send him to the future to battle robot alien dinosaurs or a race of women made from strawberry jello.

Guess I got carried away, so I'll try to be factual for the remainder of the article. While most Ferraris and Lambos from the 70s sell for six-figure sums, the Pantera can be had for around $50,000 in mint condition. 5,244 examples of this car made it to the US between 1971 and 1974, all powered by a Ford 351 Cleveland V-8 and sold at Lincoln-Mercury dealers. That sounds like the perfect basis for a time-travel device.

Editor's note: Actually... the ideal BTTF car right now would be a Civic Si or Scion FR-S.


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