Back From the Dead - BMW Isetta Brought Back To Life After 40 Year Slumber

BMW Isetta 12 photos
Photo: RESTORED/YouTube
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The BMW Isetta was initially manufactured by the Italian firm Iso SpA, which was also producing scooters and refrigerators in the 50s. Even though it’s one of the most iconic BMWs of all time, you could say it looks kind of ridiculous. Forget three-door hatchbacks – the Isetta only has one; it’s in the front, and it closes like an old refrigerator!
That doesn’t make it less of a classic car, and if you know where to look, you can find some of the most interesting vehicles where you least expect.

Wyatt and Lance Bush from the RESTORED YouTube channel found a “dead” 1959 BMW Isetta that’s been abandoned in a forest for 4 decades – and decided to give its life back.

The wiring was mostly there but the fuel lines were pretty rusty, given the time they were “asleep” for. Moreover, besides a missing tank cap, the car was pretty complete, but the guys had a hard time jump-starting the engine.

After many attempts, the 13 BHP “powerhouse” did what it was supposed to do, spinning just like in the old days, although the garage started filling up with smoke. It wouldn’t shift in gear, so the guys had to lift up the car with a forklift and figure out what was wrong with the transmission.

The floor was falling apart, but the frame was in pretty good shape for a car that old. The guys worked on the clutch and managed to fix the transmission, plus found a fresh pair of white 10-inch tires, turning back the hands of time on “The Bubble Car” and giving it a fresh look.

They cleaned it up the best they could, filled up the tank, and took the Isetta for a spin. Lo and behold, it still reached a “whopping” 45 MPH, even while on its last legs. Not bad for a 60-year-old car that’s been in a coma for at least 40.
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