BAC Mono US Debut Scheduled for Cars & Coffee Irvine, CA

The British-designed, single-seater BAC Mono is set to make its US debut this Saturday at the Cars & Cofee in Irvine, California. The street legal is being imported in America by Sector111 as a knock-down kit. The company has assembled the first unit and wants to showcase it at the event.
BAC Mono 1 photo
The Mono allocation for the 2012 model has already been sold out and now the company is accepting orders for the 2013 model. To be more precise, 12 knock-down kits have been brought to the US so far, which means that meeting one at your local track is not too likely.

The BAC Mono tips the scales at just 1,190 lbs (540 kg) and is motivated by a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that comes from Cosworth. The unit delivers 280 hp, so it shamelessly pushes the feather-light creation to whatever speed the driver desires.


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