Baby Involved in Crash after Fake Cop Steals His Mother's Car

"Never allow a cop to drive your car" seems to be the message of the following incredible but true story that happened at 5.15 p.m. yesterday in UK.

According to The Daily Mail, a four-month-old baby was involved in a car accident after a carjacker stole his mother's vehicle with the baby inside. The man was disguised as a police officer, wearing a high visibility police-style jacket and asked the baby's mother, age 24, to give him her silver Lexus.

Thinking that he was a real cop, the woman tried to get out of the car but the man grabbed her and pulled her out of the vehicle. With the help of a witness at the scene, the mother managed to free her two-year-old son from the back but she failed to take the baby out of the car before the thief drove away.

"The driver seemed to be letting them take the kid from the car but they couldn’t get the seat up. I helped him pull the older kid from the back but I don’t think he realized there was another child inside," confessed George McCann, who helped the mother free the older boy.

Immediately after her baby was taken by the carjacker, the mother dialed 999 but before cops arrived, the fake police officer was involved in a car crash in front of a pub 15 minutes later because he was driving at high speed.

But the nightmare continued even after that. The man jumped into a Nissan Micra carrying the baby with him and drove back to the place where he stole the Lexus at first. He then dropped the baby on the pavement in front of the terrified parents.

"This was a horrendous ordeal for the family who were left absolutely distraught that their baby was taken from them. Fortunately he was returned safe and well but the time he was missing must have felt like an eternity for his parents," said detective Constable Graham Clare.

However, the story didn't stop here for the fake cop. The thief drove away in his Micra until he eventually crashed with other two cars. He was finally arrested but the stolen Lexus has not yet been recovered.
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