Baby Girl Falling in the Street Miraculously Survives After Car Runs Right Over

A parent’s greatest fears are somewhat conflicting: they worry that something bad might happen to their child while at the same time trying not to smother them with too much attention and exaggerated care.
Car miraculously misses little girl in India 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
Kids need to get some bruises, they have to get a taste of life on their own, and that can be a hard thing for a parent to accept, as their purpose is not to let anything bad happen to their offspring. But while some fall into the trap of shutting the child into an impermeable bubble where, indeed, nothing bad happens to them - but only because nothing at all happens to them - others are a little too carefree in their approach.

It’s worth noting that the clip you’re about to see takes place in India, a country riddled with overpopulation problems. Places like this tend to put a lot less value on a single human’s life, and the footage below is perfect proof of that. Where you live, if somebody saw a two-year-old girl wondering all alone on the sidewalk, they would do something. They would grab her and call the police, or ask her where her parents were.

Here, nothing happens. Not even when she leaves the relative safety of the sidewalk does anybody feel the need to intervene. She trips right in the middle of the street and falls over. Still nothing. A car pops out of nowhere, the driver doesn’t notice the little girl lying on the ground and drivers right over her. No reaction. The wheels of the car miss the little girl completely, and she’s small enough to slip under the car’s ground clearance, so she gets up and walks back towards the sidewalk. Finally, somebody seems to notice her presence and goes over to comfort her. There’s no audio, so we can only assume that the girl started crying and that universal sound of distress is what made that passerby stop whatever he was doing and try to be of use.

But before we become too critical of others, take a look at the second video. It’s also recent, and it shows a cop driving on the highway, stopping to pick up a runaway two-year-old who was wandering on the high speed road at night.


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