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Awkward Android Auto Error Breaks Down a Key Phone Feature

Android Auto users found out the hard way the app can sometimes cause all kinds of problems, not only on the head unit itself but also on the mobile device.
The problem seems to be getting more widespread lately 6 photos
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And most recently, users came across a rather awkward glitch that nobody seems to be able to explain. Not even Google, that is.

More specifically, these users claim that after running Android Auto on the head units in their cars, the mobile phone’s keyboard no launcher launches. This only happens after disconnecting the smartphone from the head unit, and it affects any keyboard app, no matter if it’s the native software or a third-party option.

Rebooting the mobile device appears to be the only thing that brings things back to normal, with the keyboard once again killed when the Android Auto connection is established.

Same issue. I plug my phone (Samsung S21+ Ultra) into my truck (2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500) using USB-C, open Android Auto on the truck, drive around, unplug the phone and the keyboard is 100% disabled. Keyboard won't pop up for any app. Also, the back button does not work, only the home button. The only solution I've found is to restart the phone... every time,” one user explains on Google’s forums.

The Mountain View-based search giant has already acknowledged the problem, explaining it’s currently investigating all the received reports. An estimate as to when a potential fix could be released to users isn’t yet available.

The problem was first spotted in August, but it looks like it’s become a lot more widespread lately. Some people blame the most recent Android Auto update, but this obviously can’t be the case since the error has been around for several months already.

In the meantime, rebooting the mobile device appears to be the only workaround that restores the keyboard on the phones affected by this problem, at least until a full fix is released.


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