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Awkward Android Auto Bug Triggers Auto-Launch with Standard Wall Chargers

Android Auto was developed in such a way that the app automatically launches when the phone is connected to a car and the head unit is detected.
Some says the whole thing is happening after the latest Android Auto update 1 photo
And while the auto-launch feature is something that truly makes sense because the overall experience becomes more straightforward, some users have recently come across a rather weird bug that nobody could see coming.

Android Auto is now trying to automatically launch even if the phone is plugged into a standard wall charger, and of course, it fails to do so because there’s no head unit to connect to.

As a result, Android Auto then fails to auto-launch, with an error displayed on the Android device reading “Can’t connect to car screen. Plug in to a different socket or try another cable.

I’ve seen several users complaining of such a problem lately, and some people on reddit claim this is happening after the latest Android Auto update. Google rolled out Android Auto 5.3 a few weeks ago, but the issue seems to be about one week old.

In the past couple of days when I plug my phone into the charger (just in a socket, original charger), it attempts to launch Android Auto. I don't know if this is an issue with my phone (Google Pixel 4) or the app,” someone says on reddit.

While at first glance the issue appears to be limited to Google Pixel 4 phones, it’s not, as the same message also shows up on LG, Xiaomi, and Samsung devices. And right now, no workaround is known to exist, which means users are all alone in their attempt to resolve this.

Needless to say, one solution that is worth a chance is just following the advice in the error message and try a different cable or socket to charge the smartphone. If this doesn’t work, somebody suggests cleaning the inside of the socket or the USB connector.


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