Awesome Stunt Idea Ends with a Very Hard Crash, Rider Thankfully Alright

Riding on sloping surfaces is as fun as it gets, even with a nimble travel or adventure bike, but being behind the bars of a dirt machine makes it even better, because of the reduced weight that must be flipped.
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Those who venture past the relative safety of the tarmac know how this feels and would often ride in such places for the sheer fun of it. However, the bigger the slope, the harder turning the bike and shifting body weight are.

Basically, there are three separate phases in climbing such a slope and returning before reaching the top, and of the three, the nastiest is the transition one.

You can try this on less extreme slopes and see how it feels

The riding position when going up the ramp, even when attacking the slope diagonally is much different from the one the rider has to take when descending. Anyway, it's switching between the two that makes a rider cool or fool.

From a technical point of view, the rider has to have enough momentum at the apex of the climb and manage to use it to actually flip the bike towards the top of the ramp. This includes being able to turn the bike very quickly and reposition his or her own weight aligning the body with the bike.

When performed at a fairly high speed (for such a scenario), this maneuver must be carried out in a split second and with a very fluid move. If something is wrong, odds are all will go wrong, as well.

And if you believe this is so easy, you can test things for yourselves. You don't really need a dirt bike and a huge dam, and you can use whatever bike you're on. Just find a street that's slant enough, ride slowly towards the summit and then turn to go into the opposite direction.

No feet on the ground, please! In most of the cases, if the ramp is steep enough, you'll notice that turning in such a predicament is a tricky business. Most likely, you'll understand how and why this guy crashed, and obviously, that fact that this ramp thing is in fact, quite cool. Nice to see that the guy is not getting hurt seriously.

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