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Awesome Bike Spotted: the Moto Guzzi Schwein Machine

Thanks to the almighty power of serendipity, we are now able to show you a most interesting custom build that has captivated our imagination. We spotted the bike in a photo set while documenting another machine, and then went on to search more info on it.
IVI Moto Guzzi Schwein 6 photos
IVI Moto Guzzi SchweinIVI Moto Guzzi SchweinIVI Moto Guzzi SchweinIVI Moto Guzzi SchweinIVI Moto Guzzi Schwein
Since we already mentioned imagination, you should know that the Moto Guzzi Schwein is a creation of the IVI workshops. IVI stands for Imagine! Vehicles International, and the guys behind this brand are building both custom cars and bikes.The generic shape of this motorcycle is a strong reminiscent of the iconic Schwinn bicycles
You don't need us to recognize where did IVI get their inspiration for this creation. The Schwinn bicycles are probably some of the most recognizable two-wheelers, with their svelte frame beautifully arched, and the ample handlebars.

The seat of the motorbike is different, as IVI decided in favor of a solo unit instead of the traditional long one. However, the current choice is perfectly integrated into the build and looks like a more natural choice.

One of the greatest things about the Schwein, which, by the way, stands for Pig in German (weird choice, if you ask us), is the fact that this build looks indeed like a bicycle. In fact, we'd vouch that the engine and swingarm are heavier than the rest of the motorcycle, even with a full tank.Blacked-out upside down forks introduce a solid mountain bike vibe, and if it wasn't for the generous front rotor, this contraption might have been mistaken for a weird type of bicycle from afar.
The Moto Guzzi V11 engine looks even more massive than it already is and the sole concern is the wheelie-happy character of this bike. Schwinn bicycles were probably among the most prone to wheelie bikes in stock trim, so we can only hope IVI mounted the engine enough towards the front of the frame to compensate for this.

Straight out of the box, the 1,064cc Guzzi V11 twin produces 91 hp, but the IVI one is most likely a noticeably nimbler beast. The engine was upgraded with Mike Rich-Ross pistons and Black Diamond valves actuated by titanium springs and retainers. The cams are now Megacycle and the flywheel was also lightened.

Unfortunately, these poor and small photos are all there is to the IVI Moto Guzzi Schwein, plus the video after the jump. We will be looking out for high-res pics of this beauty and until then you can always heck out the bike that led to it, the JSK Chocolate Slider R nineT scrambler.

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