Aviation Tycoon Clive Joy Fights Ex-Wife for Vintage 1928 Bentley Tourer

If you think millionaires have it easy, let us tell you it’s not quite so. This is the case of aviation tycoon Clive Joy, whose fortune was once placed at GBP 69 millions, seems to having a rough time with his ex-wife as they are now battling over a GBP 470,000 Bentley.
1928 bentley tourer 1 photo
We’re not talking about any kind of Bentley, but a 1928 4.4-liter Bentley Tourer, a stunning vehicle that will warm the hearts of every vintage car lover. And since we’re dealing with a vintage Bentley, we’re pretty sure you all know that this particular car is all about class and style, and that costs a lot. So, this is the reason why Clive Joy and his ex-wife are fighting as hard as they can to get their hands on the aforementioned car, both saying that they hope the car will bankroll their legal war chest.

Still, from the looks of it Clive appears to be the most in need as he states that his cash reserves have fallen to GBP 66,000. Talk about being a big-time spender. Well, the truth is definitely somewhere in the middle as each of them say that the other one is lying.

At the moment, the beautiful vintage vehicle is parked at Chateau Tournefort, the former couple’s palatial house in Provence, France.

Source: Daily Mail


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