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Avia Travel Trailer Could've Been nuCamp's Greatest RV Contribution: Just Disappeared
Folks, this trailer here is known as the Avia, and while nuCamp, the manufacturer behind this wonder, no longer builds it, or at least hasn't for the years 2021 and 2022, it can still be found for sale on the market. Time to see what the Avia was and is all about.

Avia Travel Trailer Could've Been nuCamp's Greatest RV Contribution: Just Disappeared

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Before I start talking about Avia, it should help to know a bit about nuCamp. If you aren't aware, this crew of RV builders, craftsmen, engineers, and overall lovers of the outdoors, hail from Sugarcreek, Ohio. To some, this area is known as "the heart of Ohio Amish country," and since 2004, nuCamp has been crunching out RV after RV, in the process, becoming one of the United States' loved brands.

As for the sort of work this crew can achieve, teardrop trailers are normally their game, and Avia is one of the exceptions to that rule. Overall, the Avia comes in with a length of 28 feet (8.53 meters), a width of 7.33 feet (2.23 meters), and a height of 9.83 feet (3 meters). This yields a construction with a dry weight of 5,185 lbs (2,351 kg). In this space, you'll also find everything four guests need to sleep and survive off-grid comfortably.

As you enter Avia via a starboard entry, you'll find yourself in the main living space. I call the front half of the Avia the main living space because the rear half is reserved for the bedroom, shower room, and water closet, a.k.a toilet. At the front, you'll find the dining area, kitchenette, entertainment center, and plenty of storage.

At the front, the U-shaped dining booth's features allow it to be converted into another sleeping area fit for two guests. To do that, the table is lowered, and the seat cushions set out over it.

The kitchenette is found on the port wall of Avia and features a sink and stove combo with three burners, a 3-way fridge/freezer, and a vented range hood, perfect for keeping the air inside clean and fresh. A convection or microwave oven with air fryer is also part of the plan. Across from the kitchen, the entertainment center is equipped with a 24-inch TV, sound system with subwoofer, another countertop with storage underneath, and a wardrobe to the right.

As for the remainder of Avia, you'll enter the rear half of the trailer, and to the left will be a shower room; to the right of the camper, a toilet, and sink. Straight ahead sits the bedroom with its queen-size bed, remote-controlled 13-speed vent, 28-inch flatscreen TV, and ambient LED lighting. More storage and plenty of windows to let you see the outside world are also in place.

Interior comfort is provided by an ALDE Radiant Heat system, ALDE Flow system, and 15,000 BTU AC with climate control. Enough to keep you comfortable during the summer. Come winter, Avia won't do very well in keeping you comfy as it's not all-season rated. There's also a 1,200-watt inverter and two AGM batteries. Add two propane tanks to the mix and 43 gallons (195 liters) of freshwater, and you should be set for an extended weekend for sure.

The exterior of the Avia is equipped with some goodies too. A power stabilizing unit, Top-Line solar package, omni-directional antenna, and even an exterior shower are part of the mix. A 16-foot (4.87-meter) awning and exterior speakers should help extend the living space into the great outdoors.

As I mentioned earlier, if you do happen to run across an Avia at a local RV dealership, the way you see it is all you'll get as nuCamp isn't currently producing this trailer. Maybe the dealership you go through helps you add on some extras. If they do, make sure you bring along at least 60,000 USD (52,391 EUR at current exchange rates) for a basic Avia. Considerably higher priced than other nuCamp RVs.


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