Autonomous Mass Transit Bot - the Latest Transportation in Terminator 4

There's not much time left until the release of the so-much expected "Terminator 4" (May 21) and the producers continue to tease us with Skynet robots that will appear in the film.

Jalopnik has found out about Warner Brothers' latest marketing strategy for "Terminator Salvation", which consists of an alleged corporate Web site for Skynet Research presenting their "products". Quite obviously for those who watched Terminator 1, 2 or 3, these products are robots.

Besides a High Speed Constructor, a Search and Rescue Bot, a Mobile Aerial Ground Support and an Aquatic Workbot, we stumbled upon a creature that really caught our entire attention: the Autonomous Mass Transit Bot. Described by Skynet Research as one of their "robotic people movers", the bus-bot appears as the safest means of public transportation, featuring "the latest in both GPS navigation and terrain mapping".

Specifications include interesting features: two parallel base segmented grinder class tracks, X08 model chassis with additional multi-valve cylinder scope, hybrid alloy central mechanism processing coolant, self-charging ion combustible power cel, driverless correction enabled Transpo-AI navigation core index, full spectrum sensor module and dual insulated human containment vessel frame.

As far as we're concerned, we tend to agree with Skynet Research saying that with the Autonomous Mass Transit Bot "safety comes first". In fact, the bus-bot looks pretty safe to us for the simple reason that it seems to be based on a... military tank. But since we assume there's going to be a bloody war between humans and the machines in "Terminator Salvation", we may just think  Autonomous Mass Transit Bot is one of the "bad robots" that carries robots to the destination.

Or is it a "good robot"? What do you think?
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