Autonomous and Modular Tractor Looks So Beastly It Could be a Monster Truck

Valtra H2O2 Concept 10 photos
Photo: Lorenzo Mariotti
Valtra H2O2 ConceptValtra H2O2 ConceptValtra H2O2 ConceptValtra H2O2 ConceptValtra H2O2 ConceptValtra H2O2 ConceptValtra H2O2 ConceptValtra H2O2 ConceptValtra H2O2 Concept
“Hey, Pa! What’s that!?” “Aw that’s nothing there, Wilbur. Is jus’ one of dem autonomous thingies. You know, dem kind you's been hearing ‘bout in school. It does all dat work with nobody in it. All wit that there GPS systems. Mhmm, dat ders the future ma boy.”
Folks, the future is here. Actually, it’s been here for quite a few years now, for the agricultural sector anyway. I can remember it being 2005 and my pops was already mentioning autonomous tractors roaming through wheat fields in Iowa, guided by nothing but GPS. It was then that I knew the future was already with us.

15 years later, I'm no longer surprised by anything autonomous, heck, I'm writing about this sort of stuff on a daily basis. Funny how life works, huh? But this here design is not real, yet anyway. Honestly, somebody will someday make something like this.

This particular design is called the Valtra H2O2, and is created by Lorenzo Mariotti, a product designer from Milano, Italy. Being the concept that it is, we are sure to find several technological ideas that are sure to be expressed.

Valtra H2O2 Concept
Photo: Lorenzo Mariotti
When I first saw this idea, I thought it was a monster truck that’s supposed to be putting on a show. Those huge wheels and chassis are the main reasons for this conclusion. But then I continued to browse the gallery and realized it’s a farm tool.

The body does resemble that of classic farm tractors, but being created for a near future, that idea is also expressed through its futuristic and curved lines, and that minimalist feel that’s so common these days. But then again, what more could you want from a tractor?

Well, I could say a few things I'd like my tractor to do, but I'll leave that up to the designer. One of the ideas for this vehicle is that aside from being autonomous, it also allows for human intervention. That is to say, if an unpredictable event which the AI could not handle, a farmer, obviously trained to use this sort of equipment, would come along and take over the controls.

Another idea we find in the Valtra is its propulsion system. It is all to be electric, but unlike other vehicles that run on electricity, this one derives its electric power by using hydrogen fuel cells. But why would we use this sort of system on agricultural farmland? Simple, reduced emissions. This means a healthier environment for the crops, thus creating a healthier crop for the consumer. At least that’s the idea.

Valtra H2O2 Concept
Photo: Lorenzo Mariotti
As a back-up, the Valtra also includes a set of batteries that can be charged via a charging station set-up in some near-by barn. With these two systems, the tractor is supposed to be able to run round the clock and continue working long after any human capabilities would allow.

One other benefit of using electric drive engines is due to a focus on the exaggerated output of torque they can produce. This word ‘torque’ is a favorite among farmers as a tractor’s pulling ability is essential. It’s one of the reasons we use diesel engines out on the fields, and this concept is supposed to be the replacement for the seemingly outdated diesel engine.

Now, the idea of an autonomous and electric vehicle is not far off at all. The autonomous bit has already been taken care of. Now, it’s all about how we integrate the power electric engines are supposed to offer to this sector of our society.
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