Automotive Industry Has the Highest Spam Rate

In the contemporary era, Internet “sickness” has become much more frequent than real-life one. Just think about your email: it gets one or (maybe much) more spam attacks every day. Since you’re reading this on autoevolution, you might be wondering what does this have to do with cars? Unfortunately, the answer is a big, fat “a lot”.

Symantec recently released a study which indicates that 84.3 percent of emails connected to the automotive industry can be entered in the spam category. For the sake of comparison, you have to know that the global spam rate sits at 81.3 percent. is focused on identifying, detecting and averting unwanted Internet threats such as viruses, spam, spyware and other inappropriate content. The intelligence collected from the billions of messages and millions of threats processed each day forms one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge bases of Internet threats in the world,” stated the press release.

Our beloved motoring industry is the king and queen of spam, topping all other industries. And the problem is getting bigger. You see, the aforementioned 84.3 percent refers to the car industry’s February spam level. A quick click on the “previous month” button and we find a spam level of 82.8 percent.

In February, the Automotive industry remained the most spammed sector, with a spam rate of 84.3%. Spam levels for the Education sector reached 82.6% and 81.7% for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sector; 81.4% for IT Services, 80.8% for Retail, 80.1% for Public Sector and 80.2% for Finance,” stated the press release.


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