Autocar Compares Alpina's B6 with the 2013 Nissan GT-R

A while back, the guys from Autocar had an Alpina B6 out for a test drive, in order to see just how good it was over the standard BMW 650i Coupe. The end result wasn't surprising: it's a better car overall.
Alpina B6 vs Nissan GT-R 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Now, what surprised us is what came up next. They compared the Alpina with a Nissan GT-R, a car also called "The supercar killer". The point of this experiment? Well, probably it was a marketing scheme for the Nissan, otherwise, we cannot understand why this comparison was made.

They are completely different cars and simply cannot be compared like this. The B6 is not made for the track, even though it is powerful enough. That car has elegance, style and weight, it's a thing of beauty and relaxation that keeps you calm and confident knowing that you have over 500 HP at your disposal.

The Nissan, on the other hand is a beast. It's especially tuned for the track and that's the only place where it's any good. Drive down a normal road or use it on a daily basis and your lungs and kidney will pop out, even though it's cheaper.

These 2 cars are obviously different strokes for different folks. If they wanted to do a proper comparison, they should've compared the GT-R to the M6 and then, things might've heated up, as we've already seen before. Quite disappointing actually Autocar, quite disappointing.

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