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Autobahn Gets Beer Bath After Truck Spills Its Poorly Secured Load

In what is perhaps every beer-guzzling man or woman’s worst nightmare, 10,000 bottles of beer spilled from a semi in southwestern Germany and bathed the Autobahn in alcohol.
Beer spills from semi, drenches the Autobahn 5 photos
Nikola Tre electric truckNikola Tre electric truckNikola Tre electric truckNikola Tre electric truck
According to the Mannheim Police, the accident happened last Friday, near the town of Hirschberg. The call came in to report a vehicle accident, so they weren’t prepared for the sight that was waiting for them: of the 1,280 cases of beer loaded onto a semi, 40 percent had fallen on the highway, causing a huge mess.

Adding insult to injury, the truck also took some damage. In addition to the wasted beer, estimated damages to the semi are of around $33,000, the police say. All in all, it was a pretty horrible Friday night for this driver.

The police say the accident happened as the driver was getting ready to leave the Autobahn on an off-ramp, which is when the load tilted and slid off the truck. Responsible for the mishap is the driver himself, for not properly securing the load, which made the accident possible.

The investigation is still underway, so the driver is yet to be charged. It took 29 volunteer firefighters and over 6 hours of continuous work to clear the road, during which time a portion of the Autobahn had to be shut down. Happily, police report only minor incidents during this timeframe.

All jokes aside, unsecured or poorly secured loads have caused bigger problems than this, which should be whatever confirmation you still needed that, if you’re a truck driver, it’s criminal to hit the road without going through all the necessary steps.

Stories of semis losing their loads and spilling fizzy drinks, pig guts, chocolate and even scrap metal have made plenty of headlines in recent months – and they’re all funny, in retrospect. But when someone dies because of this kind of irresponsible behavior, like it happened last July, when a boulder came off a truck and crushed the women in the car behind, the fun stops.


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