Austrian-Made Woom Now Cargo Bike Is a Cleverly Designed Two-Wheeler for Kids on the Go

Austrian bicycle brand Woom has a very specific clientele, with the manufacturer making exclusively children’s two-wheelers. All its bikes are suitable for kids between one and a half and fourteen years of age, boasting of 90 percent of the parts being specially developed for children, to match their needs and anatomies. The latest series revealed by the company is Now, a cargo bike for “kids on the go”.
Woom Now Cargo Bike for Children 7 photos
Woom Now Cargo Bike for KidsWoom Now Cargo Bike for KidsWoom Now Cargo Bike for KidsWoom Now Cargo Bike for KidsWoom Now Cargo Bike for KidsWoom Now Cargo Bike for Kids
Yes, our little ones have things to carry too, and the Now bike was designed so that kids can have a more pleasant ride, whether it is to school, practice, or simply to the park. It is a utilitarian vehicle that doesn’t make compromises in terms of style either.

Woom’s Now is available in three models, which vary in terms of wheels sizes and age recommendations. One of them is the Now 4, with a 16” (40 cm) front wheel and a 20” (50.8 cm) one in the rear. It is built for kids between 6 and 8 years old, with heights between 46” and 52” (116 and 132 cm). It is the lightest one, tipping the scales at 23 lb (10.4 kg). Next, we have the Now 5, which has a 20” (50.8 cm) wheel in the front and a 24” wheel in the rear (60.9 cm). It is suitable for kids aged 7 and 11. Then there’s also the Now 6, which has the same-sized 20” (50.8 cm) wheel in the front and a 26” (66 cm) wheel in the rear. It is for kids aged 10 and 14 and weighs 28.3 lb (12.8 kg).

Because it is designed for mini riders, the Now cargo bike is easy to handle and keeps the weight of the cargo down low. The bike comes with an aluminum frame, wide handlebars, a comfy seat, hydraulic brakes, an 8-speed twist shifter, Schwalbe tires, and an aluminum front rack with an adjustable strap. The rack offers a payload capacity of 22 lb (around 10 kg).

Woom’s new Now cargo bike for children starts at $750 for the Now 4 model and goes as high as $850 for the bigger Now 6 model. You can order it on the manufacturer’s website and take a better look at it in the video below.

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