Australians Build a V8 Skateboard for Tony Hawk

We have seen a lot of strange uses for a V8 engine, but this takes first prize in our opinion. You probably can't jump a big ramp with it, but you have to admit that it does look kind of cool, and sounds even better.

Tony Hawk will be attending the Telstra 500 V8 Supercar race in Sydney next weekend, where he'll demonstrate his undiminished skills on the Monster Vert Ramp. In order to greet him properly, the locals have built him this mating between a muscle car and a skateboard.

Power comes from a 630 horsepower V8 supercar engine. It uses a hydraulic drive system to tame all that power, but it also makes the 630 hp the engine produces a bit redundant. Instead of getting a steering wheel and a roll-cage like the race cars taking place in the event, you only get a little red button to throttle the engine.

There is an electric switch that the rider is using to control left to right. You can see he is holding it before he steps on. As the V8 supercar skateboard is unable to pivot like a normal skateboard, the front wheels need to turn on their own system.

The event takes place on December 3rd, so this makes this skateboard a great early Christmas gift for Tony. We just hope he jumps 10 buses with it, or at least go a little faster than the gentleman we see in the video.

When you see 630 hp coupled to a small plank, one thing becomes clear: the Australians get to have all the fun while still not having to worry about health and safety issues.

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