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Australian Utes Drift So Hard They Get Pulled Over by Track Police

Australia and V8s go together hand in piston, so naturally, now that drifting is more popular than ever, we are here to give you a taste of the sideways scene from the Land Down Under. This will be provided by the clip below, which takes us to a recent Australian track event, namely the Performance Car Mania.
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The event took place on the Winton Motor Raceway and basically saw tons and tons of metal enjoying some quality time on the track. You can’t say Australia without mentioning utes. Well, these sporty pickup trucks took advantage of the event to rip their rear tires apart.

There were a few of them that got really wild and started drifting, as well as pulling rolling burnouts all over the track. In fact, one ute got carried away with trolling the drivers in the slower cars - the driver started drifting in full circuit traffic, as if he was engaging in some sort of Hagwalah (some of you may know this ridiculously stupid practice as Arab Drifting).How things were calmed down
The move did not go unnoticed by the track police (you know, the marshals that always aim to keep things on the safe side), who... pulled the guy over. After what must’ve been a rather... spicy conversation on the side of the track, the tire-melting activities were resumed, albeit in a more decent manner, if we can call it that.

You have to understand this was not a drifting or burnout event - as it name explains, the track time was supposed to be all about cruising. It’s obvious that the ute drivers know their cars extremely well, be them Holdens or Fords.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the guys didn’t risk it all during certain manoeuvres. Let’s just say that Australian track time seems to be a bit rougher than what takes place in Europe, for example.

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