Australian Energy Company to Operate a Ship Running Almost Entirely on Green Ammonia

Australian green energy company Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) believes in the potential of ammonia as an alternative fuel so much that it calls it “a powerful sidekick to 100% renewable green hydrogen.” To prove it, it recently purchased a cargo vessel with plans to convert it to a hybrid ship that would run almost entirely on ammonia. It only needs an equally awesome name.
MMA Leverque will become FFI's first dual fuel vessel running on green ammonia 6 photos
MMA LevequeFFI Ammonia-Powered VesselFFI Ammonia-Powered VesselFFI Ammonia-Powered VesselFFI Ammonia-Powered Vessel
FFI believes that green ammonia could be one of the solutions for a drastic cut of carbon emissions across the globe. It’s so versatile that it can be used as fuel for ships and locomotives, as well as for generating electricity or for making fertilizers used in agriculture.

Unlike the version that’s obtained through a synthetic process that combines nitrogen with hydrogen, green ammonia is obtained with the help of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

The Australian-based company is interested in a wide range of applications, including renewable electricity, and in addition to sustainable hydrogen and ammonia, it’s also producing green iron. One of its projects is focusing on the best way to decarbonize the Fortescue shipping fleet. As part of that, it recently purchased a 75-meter (246 feet) vessel called MMA Leveque from a company called MMA Offshore Limited.

The $7.75 million ((A$10.46m) ship will be converted to dual-fuel, with the intention that it will operate almost entirely on green ammonia. This will be the first vessel to join FFI’s range of prototype trucks, locomotives, and various types of mobile equipment, which are currently undergoing testing for green fuel operations. The company proudly introduced it on its social media platforms, asking followers to suggest a name for the new member of the Green Team.

For now, FFI hasn’t revealed additional information regarding the conversion process or the vessel’s future operations. But it won’t be the first of its kind. Several big names in the shipping industry have launched The Nordic Green Ammonia Powered Ship (NoGAPS), a project that is designing and building an ammonia-powered vessel from scratch, scheduled to enter service by 2025.

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