Australian Comedy Trio SketchShe Do "Bohemian Carsody" Sexy Viral Video

Within only a few months of going online, the Australian comedy trio SketchShe have become somewhat of an internet sensation. The beauties from Australia have racked up over six million views on Youtube in a matter of days with their sped-up version of Queen's legendary 1975 hit Bohemian Rhapsody.
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Everybody knows that it's fun to rock out to your favorite song in a car, maybe bring a couple of your friends along for the ride. But there are two things that gave this clip and others like it "viral" qualities. First of all, the girls actually had a couple of original ideas, such as to speed up the video and to design their own funny choreography. Normally, Queen's power anthem is about six minutes long, but this clip is only 3 and a half.

The second thing they've got going on is the fact that they have supermodel-like looks. Beauty is of course subjective, but the Australian trio reminds us of Russian group Serebro, who in 2012 rose to internet fame with their song "Mama Lover" shot from inside a Volvo.

SketchShe are from Sydney, Australia, and describe themselves as: "brazen, bold and audacious bringing you a mixed bag of characters and chaos!" Very little is know about them, but we can tell you that their Youtube account was set up on December 23, 2014, right before Christmas.

Bohemiam Carsody is their second major Youtube project, as SketchShe also rocked out to Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back back in January.

While the group doesn't have an official leader, the brunette called Shae-Lee Shackleford is a professional actress and presenter. She seems to be the most active on social media and in a recent Facebook post dedicated the video to 2015 International Woman's Day:

"So with millions of views, shares and comments it's safe to say our little Bohemian Carsody video has gone viral! Thank you for all who have left positive comments and enjoyed the video in the spirit in which it was made. Love that we hit a big pinnacle today being INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! In light of this day it is a little disappointing however that some people feel the need to degrade and disregard women - not just us (SketchShe) but as a collective on the internet."

The two other girls appear to be Madison Lloyd and Maxim TV presenter Lana Kington.

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