Australian-Born Goldstream Wing Could Be the Most Customizable Camper Trailer Around

Australia is one of my favorite places to look for unique and capable campers. This is why you'll often see me raving about some machine that can sleep your entire extended family while putting everything you could want and need at your disposal. This seems to be the case with the Wing Series campers.
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Folks, Goldstream RV is a crew born in Australia back in 1993, and the fact that they're still alive and kicking is a testament to their abilities and know-how. Best of all, they managed to remain a family-owned business, allowing them to work outside established industry norms.

What does that mean for you as a possible future owner of this camper? It means quite a few things, but the result is always the same, a mean and capable habitat that can take you off-road, off-grid, keep you alive in the desert, or as you roll through some swamplands.

For example, the Wing Series is available in several floorplans and packages that affect your camper's abilities. Depending on the extra features added to a unit, the price will vary greatly. For example, units can be found ranging from $30,000 Australian ($20,400 American at current exchange rates) all the way up to $60,000 Australian ($40,800 American) or more.

Sure, it may be a tad more than we're used to paying for this style of a camper trailer, but we're also about to discover why such rates. Heck, with the ability to sleep up to six people with the modular dinette, you should be starting to understand why.

Wing Series Camper
Photo: Goldstream RV
Nonetheless, I'm not going to sit here and bore you with the fact that you can access three beds. No, I'm going to talk about how this sucker overcomes terrains and landscapes otherwise deemed treacherous for your average camper.

Imagine you're driving along and suddenly see one of those little trails that just begs for a side quest. Because this puppy features a hot-dip galvanized chassis, you may feel you're ready to wade through waters and muddy pits; you are but be careful not to snag the beam axle suspension on anything.

As you're driving along on the mystery road, you'll kick up rocks, pebbles, and some bits and pieces of wood and will be glad that the shell you're towing behind is completed from nothing more than composite materials. The walls are, at least; it's not mentioned if only composites are used in the build. The debris kicked up is deflected by diamond plates tattered around crucial sections of the Wing.

If you have big plans for your glamping lifestyle, be sure to check out the packages offered by Goldstream, as some of them throw out the beam axle suspension for an independent one, add an off-road hitch, and even bring solar power right off the assembly line.

Wing Series Camper
Photo: Goldstream RV
Suddenly, you realize something: why not ditch the previous destination for wherever this path takes you? With everyone in agreement with this curiosity, you drive on only to reach a picturesque meadow with a stream flowing just 30 yards away from the forest's edge. The only thing missing is a rainbow, wolves and deer getting along, and maybe some peace on Earth. So you decide this is where you'll be getting away from the rest of the world.

In minutes, your habitat is unfurled, campsite ready with seating around a fire pit, and all of the Wing's drawers and storage bays exposed, showcasing your gear, utensils, and foodstuffs like a Swiss Army knife. However, my favorite part of this camper is the fact that we're shown images with an interior galley. If it rains, you can still carry on with feeding yourself and your loved ones.

With bellies full, it's time to rest your bones after a long day of driving, only to arise the next day to the sound of birds and leaves rustling in the morning breeze. With fresh air in your lungs, you ready breakfast, enjoy it inside or outside the habitat and start exploring. Sounds like a neat way to spend some extended off-grid weekends.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery display an array of Wing Series floorplans and packages.

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