Australia's Only Gold Lamborghini Huracan Does Monster Donuts Like It's Nothing

Welcome to the Internet, ladies and gentlemen drivers. This is the place where supercar hooning clips lie just one bit away and we're here to give you the latest one, involving a Lamborghini Huracan that doesn't seem to show too much love for its tires.
Chrome Gold Lamborghini Huracan Does Monster Donuts 1 photo
The Huracan uses an empty (at least if we ignore the tons of supercars on the sides) parking lot to pull monstrous donuts. And while many such episodes see supercar drivers demonstrating the driving skill of a dog, the guy manhandling this 602 hp (make that 610 PS) Lambo has demonstrated he knows his way around hooning a supercar.

Oh, and in case it seems the V10 beast is drifting itself, you should know the shenanigan took place in Australia, where the steering wheel is on the wrong side. As for the aural side of the clip, this deserves an A+. After all, Lamborghini remaining the only major supercar name who's still comitted to naturally aspirated engines does have its benefits.

And while this is the only Gold Huracan in that part of the world, the Sant'Agata Bolognese machine was put to work during a private supercar event that took place last month.

The octane hostilities saw around thirty go-fast machines that form the Otium Club enjoying the charms of Victoria's Lake Mountain.

"We worked tirelessly to have our second Lake Mountain event where we shut down the mountain for a day of private driving, the road was closed to the public, the permits were in place and what a blast it was!" the Club explains.

Of course, the supercar owners also drove in a straight line (albeit not for too long) and you can see that part of the adventure in the second clip below.

P.S.: While we have to applaud the stunning camera work visible here, we wish that ridiculously childish middle finger would've been edited out.


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