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Austin Ernst Hits Hole-in-One at Tournament, Gets a Lamborghini for Free for Two Years

There is a lot of satisfaction when you win a tournament. You give your all, and there is a personal reward in there. But then again, one wouldn’t say no to receiving a prize for it, and Austin Ernst got a two-year lease for a Lamborghini after hitting a hole-in-one.
Austin Ernst's Prize, a Two-Year Leased Lambo 8 photos
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Austin Ernst is an American professional golfer and three-time winner of the Ladies Professional Group Association (LGPA) Tour who just got the really big prize.

During the Pelican Women’s Championship, which is part of the LPGA Tour, the 29-year-old pro golfer hit a hole-in-one. The 12th hole at the Pelican Golf Club is a 147-yard, par-3 one. The prize was waiting right there. As she hit the ball, it flew in the air and bounced once on the green before dropping seamlessly in for a hole-in-one.

There are several giveaways that players receive after such moves and they’re usually pretty lowkey. But not this time. Austin’s recent prize is nothing of the sort, because she landed herself a two-year lease for a Lamborghini Huracan RWD Spyder, and that’s no small feat.

Speaking on the achievement, the professional golfer said: “I hit it barely off the toe, but it was right online and landed on the green and I thought, ‘oh, thats got a chance. And we saw it roll out and I was like, ‘did that just go in?'

She posted the picture standing next to the green-painted supercar, sharing with her followers: “I made a hole-in-one and won a two-year lease for a @lamborghini courtesy of @MorganAutoGroup at the @pelicanlpga!” She added: “Excited to take this beaut for a spin.”

Ernst added that this was the first time she ever sat in a Lamborghini, not to mention driving one. She is going to drive this one though, for the next two years. “It feels like it’s probably pretty fast,” she said. 

And fast it is. The Huracan EVO RWD Spyder comes with a 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10 engine which puts out 602 horsepower (610 ps) and reaches a maximum speed of 201 mph (324 kph), running from 0 to 62 mph (0-100 kph) in 3.5 seconds.

Congratulations are in order, and, yes, there’s nothing wrong with feeling just a tiny, tiny bit of envy. But she won it fair and square.


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